Let est Be Your Guide to Designer Lighting in Australia

Modern lighting can make all the difference to the ambience of a room. Luxury light fittings and light fixtures adds style as well as functionality with elegant shapes and lines in the design of the fittings. Our lighting products encompass a range of types and styles, including:

Ceiling Lights

Create intimacy in large rooms with a few soft lights on selected areas or objects. Ceiling lights are perfect for tricking the eye to redesign the shape of a room. Choose from the Erubo Phase Dimming Light for extra ambience easily controlled by switches, or the Occhio Mito Soffitto 60 Flat for an omnidirectional light source.


If you desire functional ambient lighting in your luxurious home, then downlights could be the right option for you. These lights are discreet, practical and can easily be used in conjunction with other lighting for more complex effects. For the best in designer downlights, try the subtle luminaire known as the Gyn Light which blends into the ceiling nicely. Another possibility is the minimal Spy Trimless Light, perfect for accent lighting.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps provide an important function, but that doesn’t mean they need to lack style. Find chic examples of floor lamps with est such as the Akari 10A Lightb handmade light sculpture.

Outdoor Lights

The right outdoor lights not only accentuates the external look of the house but also illuminates the surrounding landscape. It helps light up pathways, stairs and seating areas adding to the ambience you are looking to set. While we highlight the sculptural decorative DEDON THE OTHERS Lantern, we also have many others in our collection.

Explore Our High-End Contemporary Lighting Today

est has established a range of exclusive modern lighting for all purposes and moods in your home spaces, including all that we’ve mentioned above as well as pendant lights, table lamps, task lights and wall lights. If you have a luxury space that needs to be infused with the warmth or coolness of light, you can trust est to guide you to the right designer lighting in Australia. To stay informed of new designs in lighting and all things interiors, sign up to our email newsletter today or browse our magazine online now.

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