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Interior Design Products Featured in est

Here at est, we have a product library for architects and designers as well as homeowners that want to enhance their home’s aesthetic. The objects you choose to curate your space with can elevate its beauty and functionality. Choose minimally and carefully from our list of home décor products. Less is definitely more when it comes to home living products. Here are some of our favourites:

In our bedroom accessories section, you will find the Herman Miller Eames Hang-It-All in Black/Walnut. It’s a very stylish, modern take on a clothes hook, offering plenty of space to hang your hat or coat.

Moving into the bathroom, these Abode Skandi Brushes are made by visually-impaired craftsman in Sweden using horsehair and oiled oak. They’re the perfect accessory for skin and nail care.

For a home well-lived in, you’re going to need books to display and read. We’ve got an exclusive range of books on a variety of topics ranging from design to art and travel. They’re perfect coffee table books with beautiful visuals and pertinent design content.

If you’re looking for office essentials that are not only functional but beautiful, then check out Hay Anything Scissors by Michael Sodeau, along with other accompanying office items. These scissors turn an everyday item into a work of art.

Choose from our collection of architectural products to decorate a space with good taste. Our building products feature clean lines and hard-wearing, long-lasting materials. The perfect accompaniment to outstanding architecture is what you place within it.

What Can est Do For You?

If you want quality, original home living products, visit our product library for architects and designers. You might be an architect or an interior designer looking for inspiration, or you might be a homeowner wanting ideas for a new extension or renovation. We offer an exclusive selection of home décor products. Our showcase will have every superb addition to your home or your client’s residence that you’ve been looking for – and even a few you weren’t expecting to add to your list. Sign Up to our newsletter and get the latest in architecture and interior design from across Australian and further afield.

If your products lift the lid on what’s possible in home interiors, you might qualify to be featured on our website or in our magazine. Or if you create bespoke, high-end homes, in a simple, streamlined style, we may choose to highlight your work or interview you for our website.Please enquire via email for more information.