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culture of war as human nature

For a culture of peace must human nature be changed?

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Is war part of human nature? To resolve this question, scientists from around the world came to Seville, Spain, in 1986. They considered the best scientific data from genetics, brain science, evolution and animal behavior, anthropology and sociology, and declared in the Seville Statement on Violence that war is not part of human nature but, but rather it was invented over the course of human history. They concluded that "the same species that invented war is capable of inventing peace."

The Seville Statement on Violence was susequently endorsed as official policy of the American Anthropological Association, American Psychological Association and American Sociological Association, as well as UNESCO and many other organizations and publications around the world.

It turns out that this is an importance question, because surveys have shown that at least of half of young people believe that war is part of human nature. Those who believe this are less likely to take action to promote a culture of peace, as they are pessimistic about its chances for success.

Many scientists continue to work on aggression research and other studies of "human nature" in the belief that somehow this will help to achieve peace. For many of us, convinced that war is not part of human nature, it is not clear how this research can make a positive contribution. On the other hand, as we have seen, if it promotes the belief that war is part of human nature, it may make a negative contribution.

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