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New route ideas to change the course of history

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As new route ideas to change the course of history are supplied by visitors, they will be put on line and links made to them here.

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1angloboy Jul. 08 2008,15:46
To change the course of history, to alter the direction that we are going, we must learn from the past. I have published a new book to try and bring about an awareness of the Anglo Saxon culture of war and conquest that comes with their language, my language, English. It probably should be called Aenglish or Anglish. The language of the Angles a Germanic tribe noted by the Roman Tacitus, as a small but militarily adventurous tribe existing amongst larger tribes by that quality. Tommorrow is Wodensday (Wednesday) again as it has been for over a thousand years. We have that day in the middle of the week still honoring Woden the head viking God who is said to have created the earth and the AEnglish Monarchy by mating with human women. Its true look at the Anglo Saxon Chronical's and you will see it there. With the language comes values, heros, social norms.  Ours are based upon competition for resources, domination of resources, and hoarding. Using people like slaves since slavery is illegal again for the second time.  The first was in the 1100's. Now we teach that this is the only way humans should be organized. Those cultures who don't hoard, dominate, and compete we view as childlike or primitive.  We need to get off this.  It is healthy to share not live selfishly. I feel that the best way to change the course of history in the way that this website is interested in is through the development of the human "heart".  Learning the Art of Loving as taught by Ericc Fromm, as taught by the great teacher and student Jesus of Nazareth, as taught by Sri Yukteswara and his student Paramahansa Yogananda.  this is the way to joyous human living not like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. We must wake up to who we are as human beings and learn what our hearts are for.  Please visit my website
fighter Oct. 11 2010,08:23
Hello, i do not think we need any revolutionaries.
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