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New route ideas for the individual

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As new route ideas for individuals and social movements are supplied by visitors, they will be put on line and links made to them here.

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game administrator Jun. 22 2008,18:41
Readers' comments are invited on this topic.
Mlake Jul. 09 2008,08:55
As a species, we must rapidly evolve, I believe.
We must wake up ,as it were, at an accellerated rate to  deeper understanding of how we have entrenched the gender system  and how completly disfunctional it is at this current moment in history.
We , as a species must make the connection collectively that how we have organized our human roles as male and female have proven counterproductuve for our very existence.
Gender as a system , is underarticulated  and under theorized I believe, in that we use the term'gender' and focus almost exclusively on gender as 'women's participation . That is to say, once we have equality of participation for women then the issues that are generated from a gendered system will be addressed.

Deep gender analysis will allow us to understnad that we as a species must reorganize our very deepest identities in order to address all of the current crisis we have created.
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