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Proposal for national ministries of peace

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In recent years, the proposal for national ministries of peace has gained considerable support and developed a "Global Alliance" with information on the Internet.

But even if such ministries are established, will they be able to overcome the culture of war at the level of the state?

Past attempts have not shown this to be easy, as was the case with the United States Institute for Peace. It started off as an attempt to put peace on the agenda at Cabinet level, and ended up as a useful agency for giving grants, but co-opted and controlled by the military-industrial complex.

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game administrator Jun. 24 2008,14:50
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maurea8 Jul. 19 2008,22:39
In recent months, I've seen the growth of initiative in building local capacities for peace. I believe that little by little, in empowering local communities and groups in building peaceful environments and relationships will eventually overpower state-affairs. It is difficult and somehow very controversial to do away with states/nations since it has been an identity for so long. However, this does not mean that empowered local communities cannot take over.

Since David's presentation of this 'issue of states' last April to other peace educators, I've been interested in learning more on state affairs and peace.
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