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for a transition of the UN to control by local authorities

For a transition of UN to control by local authorities
(Coordinator Comment)

The following proposal comes from my book World Peace through the Town Hall.

My experience working in the United Nations system for ten years and observing it closely for seven years since my retirement makes me optimistic that the UN system is capable of managing a transition to the culture of peace. The various specialized agencies that deal with health care, education, food and agriculture, science, communication, not to mention technical questions such as aviation, shipping, atomic energy, etc. are staffed by a capable international secretariat with experience in the day-to-day management of global issues. The UN General Assembly, as well as the international assemblies of other agencies such as the General Conference of UNESCO, provide important forums. Even the Security Council, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which are now in the hands of a few powerful states and used to support their culture of war could play important roles in the transition to a culture of peace if they were transformed under control of "we the peoples" instead of the state.

The United Nations system as it is presently constituted must follow the directions of the Member States, and at the present time, those directions help the Member States maintain the culture of war.

For the reasons given throughout this book, a global network of local authorities is the best chance for an international political force independent of the nation-state that could take responsibility for the United Nations and direct it towards a culture of peace.

My utopian novel, I Have Seen the Promised Land , imagines a scenario of a crash of the American empire and the global economy in 2020 and a subsequent transition to a culture of peace by replacing representation of Member States on the UN Security Council by representation of local government authorities. It has been a useful exercise for me to write this scenario, and I hope that readers will find it equally useful.

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game administrator Apr. 01 2009,16:18
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fighter Oct. 11 2010,08:16
Hello, i cannot imagine that localities are represented in the UN. They should be in the regional government. The regionals are represented in the nationals, and they accordingly in the global. What a disorder, if the locals are represented on a global level, apart from the fact that there wouldn't be enough place for all!
What i wanted to say here, concerning the local level, is that i found it to be good, if there be a global PEACE TREATY, which must be signed by as many people in the world as possible. Therein the borders of all countries should be fixed. If then one country starts an aggression against another, that would be an aggression against all the community and effective steps can be taken to subject the aggressor under the PEACE TREATY.
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