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Global tyranny

Global tyranny
(Coordinator Comment)

In 1992 when the United Nations Security Council was first able to act without being blocked by a Soviet veto, it declared war on Iraq, and we saw news reports of B-52 bombers dropping bombs from high altitude. Needless to say, the bombs did not avoid killing women and children. We could see clearly the potential of the United Nations to become a global tyrant, bombing any country that was seen as an enemy by the Member States of the Security Council.

At that time the few people who had access to the 38th floor of the UN secretariat in New York reported that the majority of people there wore the military uniforms of the Security Council states and saluted as they passed in the hall.

Once again in 2003, the United States tried to get the Security Council to declare war on Iraq, but this time they did not succeed in getting a unanimous vote, so they made war without it being in the name of the United Nations.

1992 showed the danger and should be a lesson to future generations.

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