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1angloboy Jul. 08 2008,17:37
Truly now peace will not be gained by armed revolution, that is not peace. Peace will not be gained by intellectual thoughts. Peace will not be gained by teaching psychological methodology. Peace will not be gained by cognitive knowledge alone. Peace will only be gained by a change of heart. Through the heart natural love is attempting to flow and be shared freely with fellow human beings. When human beings one at a time wake up to their true nature a nature that fosters health and joy they will develop that natural love that wants to flow. It makes most healthy human beings emotionally sick to kill or intentionally maim their fellow human beings. It makes them feel good to enjoy the company and share with fellow human beings especially those that are suffering. We in the intellectual west/north have been so turned off by the bullshit Roman version of Christianity that all of Jesus's teachings have been thrown in the heap. Open your hearts people, enjoy those human beings, children of the great mystery that are around you each day. Look them in the eyes and say hello as you pass on the street or in the hall. don't look away. Develop that care and love for each other and peace will be a natural result. Know that pride is not a virtue, humility is. This is how peace will build one person at a time knowing that our bodies are examples of the very complicated intelliegent system that saturates the universe. Our bodies are examples of cooperative systems each part supporting the other down to the level of each cell. Each cell of our body has many different types of DNA outside of the nucleus all working together no part hoarding. Peace will come when humans wake up to the true nature of what is going on within and around. As Elisabet Sahtoursi says as a species we are acting like adolescents in rebellion of our parents. We think we know it all and we are making a great mess here. But truly we in the west are ignorant except how to manipulate materials to make our life easier.
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