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A vision: I have seen the promised land

A vision: I have seen the promised land
(Coordinator Comment)

My own personal vision of how to arrive at a culture of peace is contained in two books: World Peace through the Town Hall; and I Have Seen the Promised Land.

The latter book is a utopian novel set in the year 2025. It foresees the coming collapse of the global economy and nation states as an opportunity to refound the United Nations on the basis of those who understand the need for a culture of peace: individuals, civil society organizations and local governments. It provides an imaginative and personalized account of how the world has come to a culture of peace and explores the various contradictions involved.

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game administrator Mar. 30 2009,04:27
Readers' comments are invited on this topic.
trulsw Jul. 11 2010,05:01
Thank you for the great and very important idea behind this elaborate
internet site.

One main difficulty in this game is the relationships between the different  aspects and the whole (cf. the long list of possible forums). Sentences (more than books?) that indicate the holistic nature of a peace culture may become instrumental in getting much larger groups of people to realize that they are in fact supporters.

After 20 years of simple but conscious work in this direction it is only the last say 4 years I have used the expression "work for a peace culture". Thus my vision is how to obtain a peace culture: "Lifelong learning of positive cooperative behaviour". (for and by any human being).
Kind regards to the coordinator and any reader from Eager
game administrator Jul. 11 2010,12:12
Thank you, Eager, for pointing out how important it is to realize the holistic nature of the culture of peace.  The ensemble is more than just a sum of its parts.  As you say, many people are working for a culture of peace without realizing that in fact they are doing so.  

Is there an easy solution to this quandary?  Perhaps not, and if so, we need to keep up the dialogue as much as possible with as many people as possible and in as many ways as possible.
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