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Posted by game administrator on Jun. 23 2008,12:33
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Posted by markmulligan on Nov. 26 2009,19:26
Invitation to review my website and support it.

You and your friends could find interesting reading in LEARNERS: On the Move from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld, my Web samizdat on World Peace.

This text studies what we would need to construct a solid World Peace in our lifetime.  I am looking for fellow Learners, expert translators in every language, and talented illustrators who would work on it for the same reason I do: for the glory of seeing it done.  

LEARNERS is written in three Sections:

Why we’re not there already;
How we achieve it; and
What we should expect from it.

Erasmus used the new printing press to broadcast his dream of Humanism; I am using World Wide Web to broadcast my dream of PeaceWorld.  Thereafter, it was just a question of the receptivity and enthusiasm of those who bother to read something new.  Our ambitions were equally monumental.  We shall see if a new global readership will rise to the occasion.

Please search – “learners, peaceworld” – in Google.


Should mutual links sound good to you, please email me to that effect, and we will set them up.  In hopes of your assistance in broadcasting this work,

mark mulligan
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